Catz Single Adoptions


Yes, here we have single catz for adoption.  Some may be MPAs and some are just random kitties not part of a litter.  But all are very cute!  Wouldn't you love to adopt one of these cuties?  I know you do, come on!  Don't try to resist the insane appeal of those adorable eyes!  Give in to the evilness that is wrapped up in a ball of virtual fur!  Then go to the Rules and Application page and beg for for a pet.

Most petz were bred in Petz 5, but I will use PetFlux to convert the pet if you use Petz 3/4, so it no longer matters which version of the game you use!

I never tree trim my petz, but occasionally I do adopt trimmed petz.  If there is any trimming in their ancestry, it will be noted.


Nosurprise - Male - Alley Mixie
56th gen.  No hexed lineage.  Inbred.  Trimmed.  465 KB

A left over from some breeding I did. I would be very tempted to keep him, but I already have a cat that looks a lot like him. His parents are my two cats Control and Pitch.


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