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Welcome to Black Mist Crittery, a crazy little Petz site.  Here you will find a discordant mix of realistic type petz, classic "petzie" petz, and strange fantasy creatures.  From crazy hexies to old school mixies, we've got it all!  We specialize in a few different breeds, and in just being generally weird.  The breeds we specialize in are:  in the cattery, Birmans, Maine Coons, Turkish Angoras, Egyptian Maus, and Alley Catz\Alley mixes;  in the kennel, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, Papillons, Chihuahuas, and Chinese Cresteds;  in the stable, Arabians, and also Rats, Sugar Gliders, Koi, and Bettas.  But we also have quite a few other petz, lots of fantasy creatures, and many other funky critters wondering about.  That's why we call Black Mist a "Crittery."  It's a silly little word we made up cuz it's cute and it's easier than saying "Black Mist Kennel, Cattery, Rattery, Glidery, Stable, and other random creatures" o.O
The question is, why do we speak in third person plural when there's only one of us?  Because we're insane, duh!
We've got a variety of litters (Now for any game version!), some stuff to download, and lots of insanity.  So secure your strait jacket, sit back, and enjoy the ride!


Guess who's back!  Back again!  Black Mist's back!  Tell a friend!  No I didn't just quote Eminem.  >.>  Uh, but anyway, that's right.  After over ten years Black Mist Crittery is alive again, back from the dead!  What can I say?  I can't stay away from Petz.  I am hoping that BMC will stay around for the long haul this time.  Updates might not happen as frequently as they did back in the day, we'll see how that goes.  But even if there aren't updates all the time, this place isn't going anywhere.  It will remain a crew, downloads, and hex log site indefinitely.  But that doesn't mean that Black Mist will be inactive!  I intend to have litters and other interactive features for as long as the PC is still hanging in there!

About the layout.  I wanted something simple but nice to look at, so I went back to my Petz roots and went with a greyscale color palette.  And I threw in some grunge cuz I can't be without that, this is Meer you're talking to remember.  I call this layout "nostalgia" because Petz now evokes that feeling in me, and I bet I'm not alone in that.  ;)

The petz you see featured in this layout are, starting at the top, from the left:  Scraps (from Leelo @ Smoochies), Sorcery (from me), Pizza (from Vixen), Floofy Fox (from me), Bottom:  Warning (from Rat), Pitch (from Paintedpetz).

In case you don't remember or are new here, this site is laid out a little different than most Petz sites.  There isn't a section called crew or litters, things are divided by species, as you can see in the links to the left.  If you aren't sure where a link goes, hover over it for a description.  If you get lost hopefully this handy site map can help.

Note:  Some petz' profiles are under construction and don't have the full rambles that I am known for.  I had a lot of petz to add so I couldn't think of things to say for all of them, yet.  I will update profiles as I think of things to say.  Just so you know that even if a pet has a short profile that doesn't mean they are any less important!

Updates And Such

Updates July 12, 2020

Newest Addition

  +   Adoptions sent out!  I'm sorry they are over due yet again!  But I'll try to send them out more often.

  +   There is a new litter of hexed dogz for adoption!  Check them out!  They are very special, limited addition!

  +   We have a new member of the Hybridize clique!  Hybrids FTW!

  +   There was something else special I added to the site...  But I forgot where I put them...  Maybe you can...   Find It? ;)

Updates May 10, 2020:

  +   Adoptions have been sent out!   Finally!  Sorry everyone that it has taken me so long to send petz out.

  +   New clothes!  Now your petz can have some dapper bow ties to wear.

  +   Sunflowers!  I converted the P3 sunflowers to P4 and P5.

  +   My crew pages still need to be updated with many new petz, but I hope to get to that soon.

Updates February 14, 2020:

  +   A new litter for adoption, pigz!   Check them out on the Critter Litters page!

  +   Sorry that updates are so small and not very often lately.  Some things are going on IRL.  But don't worry, more updates are coming soon.  New downloads, new crew members, and adoptions being sent out are all in the works!

Updates August 14, 2019:

  +   Just a quick update today:

  +   Sent out some adoptions, yay!

  +   We have a new member of the Hybirdize clique, sweet!

  +   Fixed a few typos that have been there for ages. XD My proofreader is still working on finding all my typos, I'm sure there are more!

Updates July 30, 2019:

  +   YES BLACK MIST IS BACK!!!  :D  The official reopening of Black Mist Crittery is today!  Hooray!

  +   Lots of new petz have been added to my crew, go drool over them!

  +   Some new litters have been added to the Catz, Dogz, and Critters sections, go adopt them!

  +   A few new clothes and other things have been added to the take section, go download them!

  +   An entire new section, MPA has been added filled with all kinds of petz looking for new homes!

  +   A few tweaks here and there.

  +   Old updates can be found here.

Newest Pet

From Me

Quote of the Unspecified Time Period

"The magic exists."
-- Stephen King

My Twisted Sisters and Wicked Brothers

Are any of you guys still around?  Hit me up if you are!  For now this will just be in memorial.

<3 Krista @ 360°
<3 Chi @ Droolworthy
<3 Jaser @ Mouse
<3 Rat @ Stray Cat Strut
<3 Kitty @ Devilish
<3 Angela @ Toe Socks
<3 Spike @ Asphodel


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