Meer's Massive MPA

This is Meer's Massive MPA.  I have way too many Petz!  So I'm trying to slim down a bit by adopting out some of my petz.  This is not easy because I am a petz hoarder, I like to keep all my petz forever.  XD  But even though I still love all these petz, I can't keep all of them, I could never play with them all!  So I think these petz would be better off with new owners who could give them more attention.  Please give these petz good homes!

If any of these petz were originally from you and you'd like them back, just let me know and I'll send them back to you.  I'm sorry if I was supposed to send them back and I didn't!  I no longer have everyone's contact info.

Here are some general notes:

  • I use the phrase 'formal name' instead of 'show name' but they mean exactly the same thing.
  • If a pet's formal name is exactly the same as it's call name, just with the addition of a prefix, the pet doesn't really have a formal name, and you can give it any one you want.
  • If the prefix is a '?' then I don't know the prefix they should have.  I tried to find it out, sorry!  I don't know what you should do if you want to show that pet.  If anyone knows the prefix of a pet I don't, please let me know!  Thanks!
  • All bred petz are inbred unless otherwise stated in their lineage.
  • Petz that are bred from hexed breeds may have 'unhexed' listed in their lineage, that just means the file was unchanged from the original hexer's design.
  • All my petz are in Petz 5, but if you use Petz 3/4 I will use PetFlux to convert them to Petz 3/4 for you.  That's why I ask which version of the game you use.
  • Most, if not all, of the sites listed in the origins are gone, but I am leaving the broken links there because I like having the info.  It's the info I had when I adopted the pet.  Just don't be surprised that all those links don't actually go anywhere.
  • I am not really looking for trades for these petz, as I'm trying to reduce the number of petz I have.  Unless you have something I'm looking for on my wishlist, in which case I would love to trade!


  • Take good care of these petz, don't just stick them in a folder to collect dust.
  • Feel free to rename, hex eyelids, gender bend, whatever.
  • Keep the prefix that is listed with the pet's info.
  • If the pet has a show name (aka formal name), it would be cool if you kept it.  But if you really want to, you can change it.  If they don't have a show name, feel free to give them whatever name you'd like.
  • PKC registered petz really should be shown there, and you must keep their show name.
  • For hexies, do not edit the file, steal code from it, or claim it as your own work.
  • Never put the pet up for download or give out copies.
  • If you no longer want the pet, MPA, send back to me, or to the original hexer/breeder.
  • Never put the pet up on PUGS, The Flea Market, or any adoption site like that where you get points for the pet.
  • Answer 'Shiny Captain!' to 'Did you read the rules?'
  • When you show off remember to give credit to the original hexer/breeder, not just me.
  • One pet per form.  If you want to apply for two petz, send two forms, and so on.  It's easier on my brain that way.

Adoption Form

• Your name:
• Your e-mail:
Your Cattery/Kennel/Site/whatever:
Your web site URL:
• Pet you wish to adopt:
• Game version you use:
Petz 5 Petz 3/4
• Did you read the rules?

• Why do you want this pet?

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